Zebra 88-key Upright Electronic Piano with Sliding Cover Piano Wooden Stand


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The digital piano is elegant and exquisite,and it is the perfect combination of the latest electronic technology in the contemporary era.

1.Using DREAM sound source. Its core uses the French DREAM top sound source,the digital sampling,brings the vivid auditory experience for your performance.

2.88 progressive heavy hammer keys.The 88-key progressive lever hammer keyboard gives you the real touch of playing on the grand pinao.

3.Headphone Jack.External double headphone Jack,can be easily played without affecting others.

Package Included:

1 set of digital Piano

Note: This product is an electronic acoustic music product. It is normal that there is a little current sound in the horn(two spealers or one of them,or headphones)after power on.Please keep away from”radio,television,antenna receiver,router,refrigerator,television,electrical appliances with motor and other RF electrical interference sources” during use.


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