LAVA ME 2 36 Inch Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar Travel Guitar With Bag

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– Following up on their revolutionary guitar model, Musical instrument manufacturer LAVA MUSIC presents the ‘LAVA ME 2’, a lighter, easy-to-play guitar with advanced technology features that help produce a full crisp sound, unaffected by heat or humidity. functioning as both a traditional acoustic, and a high-performance electric guitar, the new model showcases a unique one-piece carbon fiber construction that facilitates physical conductivity while ensuring durability. in addition, it has a built-in preamp with reverb, chorus, and delay effects, that lets players test the effects without having to use an external amp.

– LAVA MUSIC’s LAVA ME 2 has a lighter, soundboard than its predecessor, employing a precisely engineered ‘breathe net’ honeycomb structure which provides a sonorous sound. unlike wood, which tends to warp in changing weather conditions, the Super airsonic carbon fiber body material of the new guitar, can adapt to changes in temperature from -20℃ to 90℃ and humidity of 10% – 90%.

– In its carbon fiber body, the guitar incorporates a parametrically designed flyneck aiming to provide maximum comfort. its structural geometry was formed by tracking the different forces that are applied on the player’s neck during position shifting, whilst playing the instrument. ‘we carefully designed the neck profile, adding or removing materials as necessary to ensure the flyneck would fit your individual playing style without you even noticing it,’ explains LAVA MUSIC on its official website.


Brand: LAVA

Size: 36.89*12.72*4.65 inches

Weights: 1.7kg

Top Material: Super Airsonic (Carbon Fiber Composite)

Freboard Material: HPL

Bridge Material: HPL

Tuning machine head: 21:1 ratio Alumium Alloy

Strings-: Elixir Nanoweb 012

Nut width: 1.69 inches

Scale Length: 23.62 inches

Color: Black/White

Package Included:

1 x Electric Guitar

1 x Instructions




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