Nathan For You: The 15 Greatest Episodes, Ranked By Imdb

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Nathan for you

As a author, he has written many short films and has additionally acted in full-length movies. That’s why I think it’s nearly impossible to say what we’re actually watching till it’s over. (I type of expect it will still be impossible when the primary season ends, but I guess we’ll see.) I have deep suspicions about how “real” Angela is, for instance.

(“You don’t want a license plate to drive?”) He’s satisfied “the door’s open” to having sex with Angela, despite the fact that she made a selected point to tell him premarital relations are off the desk. Fielder thus foregrounds the questionable ethics of his behavior as The Rehearsal’s central concern. The series ostensibly examines how much of life, rehearsed or not, is topic to the principles of performance and the way gaming out relationships or human interactions precludes vulnerability and self-awareness. But greater than these heady philosophical ideas, it’s about Nathan Fielder—each the character and the man—attempting and MeetMyAge failing to slot in with the world around him. These costs have inevitably been laid in opposition to the present, although it’s unclear, if not downright unlikely, that The Rehearsal presents a straightforward picture of those events. If all comedy requires some type of victim, then this present spotlights the results of our need for a punch line.