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The player character and 5 others are trapped in a theme park. Their phones show seemingly random numbers, and so they have to work collectively to figure out just why they’ve all been trapped. Number Days was the fruits of 9 games’ value of world-building (they all take place in a loosely related world), so Pacthesis might indulge in her offbeat humor. It was additionally full of cutscenes, animated sprites, and more advanced endings and routes than her earlier titles. One of the most satisfying endings occurs if you choose not to romance anyone, and instead, simply build up the friendships between the entire group.

But Pacthesis’ games catered to a particular viewers of tween and teenage ladies. She met Oliver the white rabbit, Clark the hatter, Lance the cat prince, and Elliot the king. Another unlockable character is Jack the one-eyed butterfly. Until the ball on the end of the month, you’ve 30 days to talk to the boys and finish their dialog (which would unlock the endings as you select your dance partner).

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He once had a good friend named Fern Toln, however she handed away. The blonde girl, primarily based on Alice from Alice’s Wonderland. Though she opened up about her age, her favourite color, and her desire for coffee, Pacthesis never revealed her full title. Keeping personal details close to the vest was widespread during the nascent days of social media, when signing up for a service didn’t require using a full name. (Amy was the title on her profile, although she by no means divulged greater than that.) She kept her identification secret, which was comprehensible, contemplating she was a high school student at the peak of her recognition.

The quantity of fan messages and feedback Pacthesis acquired became overwhelming at factors, she said. Though Amy favored to hear from followers, the pressure to be lively on-line perplexed her. Amy wanted to design games for ladies from the get-go, she told us, even if she used a male protagonist in her first effort.

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It simply doesn’t make sense that you would wish to wait like 20 hours just for 5 story tickets that you’ll burn up in like 5 minutes of a story. If anything it may at least be so you get a narrative ticket each 30 minutes and the max you presumably can have at a time is 10. That would honestly be a lot nicer and simpler and would make these video games a lot extra enjoyable.


Though many wished to know more, she only revealed her face in drawings. “This game was so cute that I truly began to play this sort of games [sic],” reads a 2010 touch upon the Wonderland Days Sim Date page. You wake up in an odd world and may’t bear in mind your previous. The inhabitants on this world call you “Alice”, but you know that is not your actual name. You journey by way of the magical world of Wonderland to regain your misplaced recollections, but there’s an unseen pressure that tries to stop you.

With Wonderland Days, she polished her distinct anime-influenced style. With Chrono Days, she upped the romanceable character count from 5 to eight, switched to cel shading, and cleaned up the interface. Each project had something new, as Amy realized from and constructed upon her previous work.

It’s a thriller, however the upcoming Aniplex/Disney game Twisted Wonderland is banking on the attraction — especially with the addition of a trio of Little Mermaid villains. Wonderland Days Sim Date is a free online relationship simulation by Pacthesis, released March 30, 2010. Much like Number Days before it, probably the greatest endings happens whenever you don’t romance anyone.