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The Advanced Video settings are more detailed than on many higher-end cameras, and include the ability to set shutter speed, aperture and ISO for movies. On the back of the camera, to the left of the LCD, is a combination control wheel and four-way D-pad, with an OK button in the middle. You can click to the left, right or down to set shooting speed, exposure compensation and flash mode, respectively. I used the 20-fps setting to capture a string of photos when Germany scored the winning goal in the World Cup.

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With those numbers, you can expect power roughly equal to that of the Moto E5, which wasn’t all that good when it released late last year. Don’t get me wrong, the Moto E5 is a decent phone for the price – but that price is £119, and you simply can’t expect the latest and greatest games to run brilliantly on a setup with a similar DNA. And with 1GB less RAM than the J6 Plus, the J4 Plus doesn’t play as nicely with Android. The real issue with the J4 Plus, however, is where the corners are cut to get the phone quite so cheap.

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The LCD is an improved three-inch, 1037K-dot display that boasts wide viewing angles, great definition and accurate colours but only so-so visibility in strong daylight. Nikon have also added touch functionality to the V3’s screen, offering the ability to tap almost anywhere to either focus or to both focus and take the picture at the same time. You can also interact with some of the onscreen settings and use the main menu system too. The new virtual horizon displays roll and pitch information, useful for keeping everything straight. We missed an EVF when using the J4, as holding the camera up to eye-level helps to stabilise the lens and avoid camera shake. The J4 tries to overcompensate by aggressively attacking noise, wiping out as much of it as possible and smearing out a lot of detail in the process.

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We also subjected the J4 Plus to further camera tests under controlled lighting conditions. We check the quality of colour reproduction with X-Rite ColorChecker Passport and the image sharpness with our test chart. The J4 Plus takes passable photos, but it cannot compete with its more expensive competitors. In isolation, the rear-facing camera takes vivid shots with bright colours in daylight, as demonstrated by scenes 1 and 2.

The system works very well without any additional setup required from the user, but you do get different focus modes if you need them and these are the Single Point AF, Subject Tracking and Auto Area modes. You can also focus manually despite the lack of focus ring on Nikon 1 lenses and you can do so with the help of navigation wheel on the back of the camera. There’s also no focus peaking and you only get the traditional magnified view and distance scale to help you with focusing.

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The back glass has a glossy finish though, which proved to be a fingerprint magnet during our tests and makes the device feel unnervingly slippery in our hands. The Nikon 1 J4 performs quite well when it comes to taking stills. Dynamic range and contrast levels are ok and the colors are balanced and never oversaturated. Noise performance is also quite good and you will get clean images up to an ISO of 800 and very usable shots up until 3200. The viewfinder is also missing for that same reason, but you do get a 3 inch TFT-LCD touchscreen with a respectable resolution of 1,037,000 dots.

This is where Nikon came in with and decided to take advantage of that trend while also doing something different from other manufacturers. The Nikon 1 J4 is one of the few cameras that came to be as a result of their vision. What sets this camera apart from other compact cameras bearing the sensor of the same size is the ability to change lenses, something that is still rare to find on the camera market. Let’s see how well they implemented this idea and is it really the differentiating factor that Nikon was looking for to be considered as one of the best Nikon cameras.