Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Mars In Aquarius Man

They need to feel that you don’t rely on them too much emotionally. Do not try to do it first, there will be just crickets and the more you push the longer the disappearing will be. Then just to make sure he doesn’t do it again, just go off the grid for a while. I stop all communication for a couple days, until he starts to worry and contacts me, then I wait awhile to respond.

You should also be aware that an Aquarius man tends to have more female friends than male friends, which may sometimes cause problems in your relationship. He will expect you to be his equal and treat you as such. If you are uncomfortable with the amount of time he spends with his female friends perhaps it is not wise to date an Aquarius man. The problem is that if you both have the same sign you’re both too similar to ever truly understand each other. You’ll just end up wasting time because you don’t have enough differences that the two of you can bond over. If you are a Leo woman that gets upset when he gets bored of you, then Aquarius is a bad match for you.

An Aquarius woman has no interest in conforming to or rebelling against gender role expectations. Most people are aware of the difference between yin and yang, which is translated into night and day or cold and hot. Indeed, most modern astrological texts use the terms feminine and masculine for these qualities.

Aquarius men are known for being headstrong and opinionated. If he is always trying to pick fights with you, then it is likely that he is not interested in you. Aquarius men often appreciate gifts that are personal and meaningful.

As a fixed sign, loyalty and security are extremely important to them. Because of this, they need to be sure that the person they’re giving their heart to is going to keep it safe. According to Monahan, Aquarius can’t stand the superficial and need to connect with someone intellectually. They also tend to favor people who have progressive ideals like them. Many times, Aquarians will find themselves falling in love with a friend or someone in their social circle who shares their interests. Aquarius isn’t that emotional in a typical sense, but this doesn’t mean they are not emotional at all.

This zodiac sign needs variety in order to stay interested in their partner. Luckily, they are open-minded, so they will try out any suggestions from their partner or an online article. Aquarius are up for anything, as long as it sounds like it could be fun.

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He will tell you about his ideas, many of them amazing, but if he is ungrounded then he will have a tough time bringing them to fruition. And the Aquarius man who lacks focus and drive will ultimately drive his partner nuts. The Aquarius man is independent, even fiercely so. He is strong and assertive and can make for a good provider and family man, but he is not a caregiver to anyone by any means. He is attracted to people with an odd side, even if it is subtle or hidden.

The same goes for the famous “friends with benefits” types of situationships which never ever benefited any woman I know, and trust me, I know a whole lot of them. They all ended with the broken hearts getting nothing of those illusional benefits. Mr. Aquarius wants his freedom, even when he is in a long-term relationship. He is one of the signs that are more likely to cheat on his partner – although he doesn’t see it as cheating. He just thinks monogamy is an outdated idea and that no one person can fulfill all his needs.

things I’ve learned about dating an Aquarius (over the past year)

However, at the end of your date, he may surprise you with a passionate goodnight kiss as he tests this possible change in your relationship dynamics. He may end your mennation.com profiles date there or he may desire to explore romantic possibilities further. You can comment on how you make a great team and then compliment him on a trait you admire.

You must wait patiently until he’s ready to open up to you. Even if he does catch feelings fast, he might hold back showing them to you. He takes a long time to say he likes or loves someone because he needs time to bring down his tall emotional walls.

A clear-cut guide on what to expect when dating an Aquarius man can prepare you for the quirky, eccentric nature of the water bearer. The bigger the adventure, the more excited Aquarius is. If you are equally thrilled over new experiences, you can enjoy an exciting and fulfilling love relationship. He enjoys exploring your sexual relationship and will even give you roses and chocolates.

Give them space

Independence and solitude are essential needs for the Aquarian guy. Trust me; it will make him feel good and happy with you. Aquarian men usually aren’t highly expressive or declarative in love. You won’t hear many I love you’s and deep romantic expressions early on. However, he may be romantic and affectionate behind closed doors. Aquarius has a bad habit of disagreeing with a new idea or proposal almost as a reflex.

How to Deal with Aquarius Man in Relationship?

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