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I am guessing this is not realistic employee behaviour… And now really frustrated cos I want to see the next episode. Cant wait to see what happens in the next couple of episodes. I dont know why but from the beginning i had this feeling – maybe she sees herself in Jang Mi that she wants to save Jang Mi from whatever hell the family has in store (so that JM doesnt suffer like her). Except for that whole “GIVE ME YOUR SPERM! ~(O_o)~” thing. There isn’t really any coming back from that, imo.

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 2

To me, YR comes off as ‘deliberately cool’ – not putting himself out there too much in case he gets hurt. He’s not as expressive an actor as the guy playing Ki Tae, but I think it works. True, but I think JM ran away from KT because after all she has been through that day he rocks up with Se-Ah, all buddy buddy after she had been so bad to them before.

So, when I discuss her biggest weakness, it is not to disparage her but to measure just how far she has traveled since the opening of this drama. I was busting a gut from the start of this episode…up and till the last scene…then it got real. If the major theme of this drama is loneliness. Then this episode is showing that even when Jang Mi is surrounded by people, what she really wants is a connection.

Ki-tae finds himself unexpectedly face-to-face with Jang-mi looking like an absolute bridal vision, and he’s frozen to the spot, unable to move or speak. If he hasn’t fallen for Jang-mi yet, he’s a goner now. She admits that they have, and Ki-tae accuses her of being easy for moving so fast. Jang-mi gets fed up with being criticized by the guy she’s doing all this for, tells him that she knows his mother isn’t at the restaurant, and takes the bike and leaves him there. Ki-tae’s family drives home in silence until Grandma can’t hold it in anymore and dissolves in adorable giggles, which sets off Aunt Mi-jung, and even Dad grins at how ridiculously the meeting went. Buzzkill Mom says it wasn’t funny to her, and Grandma comments that Mom has a hard road in front of her.

Like, he’s not being sweet only to jang mi but to anyone who gives him attention. I also think it’s important that Jang-mi just does whatever she wants to do, not what other people tell her so as painful as the ending is, it also manages to be very satisfying at the same time. I think what you mentioned about respect is very important and hopefully the next two episodes will focus more on the leads building that respect for each other and for themselves. Mom is worried that going to the meeting like this will cause Ki-tae’s family to judge her, and Jang-mi says she’ll take care of it.

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 5

I still love this show, but I’m beginning to get a little frustrated with Jang-mi. We’re seeing some good forward movement with Gi-tae this week, but JM is still the same overly dependent, self-sacrificing and starved-for-affection/approval girl we saw in the first episode. It’s just that she’s affixed her attentions to a new (almost as unworthy, imo) target. People are split on whether they like Yeo-reum, but I think we can all agree whether good or bad, she basically likes him because he’s cute and he said he likes her. Whereas the one she connects with, tells her secrets to, makes herself vulnerable for, is actually Gi-tae. I think that’s why I can’t understand, and therefore like, his character.

Yeo-reum waits at a restaurant for Jang-mi, but she’s had her own arguments used against her and been dragged to an acupuncturist. Yeo-reum tries to reach her for hours, but she’s not allowed to answer her phone, and he eventually has to give up his table to other customers. By the time she breaks free and joins him, the restaurant is closed, but he cheerily holds up a bag of takeout with a smile. Ki-tae’s entire family sits stone-faced at the restaurant, and Ki-tae runs in late and flustered, not having been notified that the meeting was still on until the last minute. Finally Jang-mi’s family arrives, and everyone frowns to see Jang-mi’s mother in a pair of enormous sunglasses. She finds Ki-tae at his office and demands to know what he did to her mom.

JM looks too adoringly at him right now for me to see how they are going to switch it over not KT quickly and that makes page sad. See, I saw that as YR defaulting back to ‘keep it page’ in order to avoid the hurt. Remember his line from before about how if he’s serious, people tell him he’s not marriage heavy. For me, this scene reinforced how much he and Jang Mi are alike, in that they shape themselves to be what other people expect. He deals with conflict that hits too close to his heart, by running and game-playing. Or by pretending that the problem doesn’t exist.

Her main problem as I see it is that she’s not choosy enough about who she surrounds herself with. She needs a core group of people who love and appreciate her in all her troublemaking, emotional, truthtelling glory. She needs a close-knit makeshift family of people who will build her up for the very qualities that cause Ki-tae’s mom to try and tear her down. Ki-tae respected that side of her from the very beginning, but he’s so terrified of giving up his carefully manicured existence that he’s equivocating. This is because she never saw things in the way they actually were but in the way she wanted them to be or incorrectly imagined they were.

Kokdu: Season of Deity ( Episode 14

Check out which K-dramas, K-movies, K-actors, and K-actresses made it to the list of nominees. I’m sure hoping to see our lovebirds find a warm and good humored way navigate the scary territory that they’re in. If this is true, what won’t help JM and KT is to move toward each other out of jealousy (which seems to be the territory the next episode will cover). Emotional proximity forced by jealousy won’t resolve what’s keeping them apart. Instead, it’s their learning how to work through and resolve conflict that will bring our OTP together.

At some point Jang Mi seems to have forgotten that the whole point was to defy and repel the mother and instead she seems to be doing everything possible to please her instead. Why not act haughty and turn her down every once in a while? Just ignore em O_O
I hope Jang Mi grows some sense, priorities and a backbone in the next episode or two or it’ll be very disappointing. I think that if/when Jang-mi finds people who truly love and appreciate her for who she is, she will be able to let go of this unhealthy need to constantly surround herself with people.