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Another advantage of taking an online proctored exam is that it increases testing accuracy. This is because a proctor can observe every student who is taking the test. The Proctor can also see if a student has cheated during the test and report them accordingly. Live Proctoring Exam is a new type of exam that uses a webcam, microphone and computer screen to enable students to take the exams in a proctored way. This type of proctoring is completely online, and you need to install a software in your computer to enable this feature.

Under Tests, check both boxes to enable student testing and show them the testing policy when they start. With the earphone in your hand, rest your palm on your ear and start writing answers. Some programs have a certain number of voice accents to choose from. To quickly create a note in your mobile phone, open a notepad on your desktop and use copy & paste. Save the file and transfer it to your cell phone via cable or wireless.

At the start of your exam, the first screen to appear is a webcam check. This step enables you to check whether your webcam is functioning correctly or not. There are times when your instructor might need you to record a brief video of your exam environment using the webcam before you start your test. This custom browser locks down the testing environment within Blackboard, and thus finding ways around the respondus lockdown browser may not be easy. However, we have pros who have keenly studied this browser and know the various method of how to cheat on lockdown browser effortlessly.


Online zoom meetings have changed the world, we can do Webcam Resolution | Driversol business and keep in touch with people. Attend a meeting, conference, or speak to your family. Well, if you are working at a place that has enabled firewalls across corporate machines & devices, your system might not be able to permit your device to use the camera. Click here to create a CNA365 account to submit a renewal application.

You can take your exam anytime during the exam window set by your instructor and do not have to pre-schedule an appointment through Honorlock. From there, your instructor can assess your work and, if needed, view the results of proctored sessions. Although Respondus, the proctoring program Hays worked with, flagged major violations, it also marked moments where nothing unusual was happening. A more productive way of assessing students’ understanding would be to create assignments impossible to plagiarize or cheat on, projects that go beyond sheer recall, Boyles said. Daniel Marburger, a clinical professor in the Department of Economics, said the necessity of proctoring solutions extends beyond the ASU classroom.

  • Featuring the familiar retro styling of the X-series, the X-T200 is equipped with a 24.2MP APS-C sensor that captures uncropped 4K video at 30p by ‘downsampling’ from 6K footage.
  • Honorlock AI system is built to ensure that you keep your focus on your exam without any external distractions.
  • Once a student starts the exams their webcam will begin to record the student.

4.) Speak into the microphone and check the “Input level” to ensure your settings adjustments work as needed. 4.) Speak into your microphone and check the volume meter under “Test your microphone” to ensure your settings adjustments work as needed. With this application, you can change the majority of settings with ease. Click on the Preview button to bring up the capturing image from your webcam. If you see an image here then your webcam will be working properly. After logging into the Mursion Software, you will be prompted to set up your microphone and webcam.


Wait while it scans and reinstalls the updated driver. When it is done, restart your PC and try to open the Camera app again. The final solution is to uninstall the camera driver.

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So, do not grapple with the thought of failing in your test, yet we are willing to offer our help. First, it depends on the type of exam that you are taking. With exams like SATs, the consequences are more serious because it is not just about what happens immediately, but also the long-term effects. While you don’t generally get banned from these exams, your test can be canceled if you have already completed it. The retests are often very expensive and also mean that you lose a lot of time.

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